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We deliver top quality services that ensure your event is well run with the right equipment and tools.


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We have a dedicated and well trained team ready to ensure your event is fruitful. We leave you more than satisfied.

You can trust us

Our number 1 priority is our clientele work. We work to ensure that your event or any other service your order from us is completed to perfection. We are the best option for you as we take control from management to catering to event location. To have a peace of mind, simply give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

We guarantee reliability

We can definitely promise you of a successful procession when you hire us. We have a dedicated team of professionals that love their job. Each service has a management team and a dedicated team thats ready to offer you a great service

Our Services

Leave a Positive feeling 

of great memories

Wedding Planning and Budget Advise

We are great at strategy and planning. Having worked with over 30 differcent clients we have the expertise to know whats best for your wedding, and how best to carry out the event based on budget

Accommodation Booking

Our accomodation booking package, is there to ensure you get the best services accommodation has to offer.

Video and Photo Shooting

We have great camera’s and great photographers. Our photographers create the memories that make you relive the experience. 

Travel and Tourism

We offer great consultancy and variety of services in travel and tourism. Our work extended to helping you choose and get a great destination for your holiday experience.

Real Estate

Looking for a home? Looking to rent or sale your property? We have a dedicated team that only services real estate, and there to make sure you get a client for your house or you get to live in the house of your dream.

We are the right solution to your business. We Deliver work that is strategic and fruitful. our main goal is to inspire well and organised events and services that inspire every attendee.

Why our team is the best choice your company needs to hire!

For each and every service that you choose to subscribe to us. We have a dedicated manager and team that is ready to ensure that the best service is given to your business.

We deliver more than expected and on time

We plan weeks ahead and we always work to ensure that  any service you registered with us is met and delivered according to the set dates, and all things are planned accordingly 

Why choose us for events and Why get started now!

Our prices are fair and negotiable. We believe more in delivering services that leave great memories and some instances also increase revenue. Give us call and we’ll do more than give you a great service

About Us

We are a company that focuses on delivering  great services that are oriented around, events, management and entertainment. From real estate to entertainment we have a dedicated person that is ready to offer you assistance at your request.

Directors Profiles

Tichaona Kondongwe

Tichaona Kondongwe

Founder and Director

The Founder and Director of the Company, is an energetic, experienced Real Estate Consultant and Entrepreneur. He has excellent experience in business and administration through his successful engagement in buying and selling properties for his clients

Mr. Shingirayi Kondongwe

Mr. Shingirayi Kondongwe

Founder & CEO

graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Politics and Public Management degree from the Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe. He has experience in the banking sector having worked for Nedbank Zimbabwe and ZIBAWU. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company.

Obert Kondongwe

Obert Kondongwe

Founder and Director

The Founder and Director of the company, graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a seasoned lawyer at a top commercial law firm in Harare with extensive knowledge in Commercial and Labour law. He is also a Christian leader and co-founder of a charity organization, Children Fund Organization.

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